Month: August 2015

Monday Inspiration

Happy, Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was very relaxed but that was just what I needed 🙂 Didn’t have the best sleep last night, so I’m gonna go to the gym later… Read More

Back Workout Done

I had a really good workout, now just finishing lunch and then I’m gonna go lay in the sun for  a bit. I joined one of the little abs classes in my gym after I was done, and… Read More

Sunday Workout

Happy Sunday! I’ve had a lazy morning, and now getting ready to go to the gym to work my back. My boyfriend has a flu and is feverish so I made him an English breakfast to cheer him… Read More

Saturday = Leg Day

Happy Saturday! I woke up to the most beautiful flowers and 3 bags full of fruits & veggies this morning 😀 My boyfriend clearly knows what makes me happy hihi Had a great breakfast and then went to… Read More

Friday Rest Day

  Today has been sooo hot, I’ve spent most of the day inside. Have been on the phone a lot, and gotten lots of things done, but now we’re getting ready to have a long walk to the… Read More

Healthy Recipe – Teriyaki Salmon with Creamed Churd

Here comes the recipe of another of this weeks inspired meals 🙂 Healthy easy and delicious! Salmon fillet / Laxfilé 2 tablespoons Teriyaki sauce / 2 matskedar Teriyakisås Frozen chard / Fryst mangold 1/2 red onion / 1/2… Read More

My Supplements

  One of my followers on Instagram asked me about what supplements I normally take so I thought I’d make a post especially about that. This is something I personally would recommend you to take, and there are… Read More

Healthy Recipe – Chicken & Melanzane

Ingredients: Chicken breast / kycklingbröst 2 eggplants / 2 auberginer 8 champignon mushrooms / 8 champinjoner 400 g crushed canned tomatoes / 400 g krossade tomater på burk 1 red onion / 1 rödlök 2 garlic cloves /… Read More

Yesterday’s Shoulder Session

  I had a really good shoulder workout yesterday, but it got really late until I had showered and had dinner, and I was so tired I just fell asleep. I’ve made such delicious dinner the past 2… Read More

Can Barely Walk

  Oh lord, I had such a good workout yesterday! I came home and collapsed on the couch haha I went to my usual gym, lately I’ve been going with my boyfriend to his gym, and it was… Read More

Leg Day Coming Up!

A little late good morning post today, haven’t had time to sit down and write until now. Started my day with BCAA’s and a big breakfast –  as usual! 😛 I’m in such a mood for a leg… Read More

Efficient Workout

I had such a good workout today; high intensity but super tough! Sometimes I prefer doing a shorter session but to go hardcore non-stop. Today we worked biceps and triceps, and we were done in just a bit… Read More

Gym time – arm day!

Seems like we’re going to the gym to do arms – love it! Still super sore in hamstrings and chest, but ready to smash my arms now! The little one has to be in at least one of… Read More

Flight booked to Sweden

I’ve just booked my flight to Sweden 🙂 So excited, because I’m going for my best friends baby shower! It’s gonna be so much fun, and I’m obviously part of the preparations together with her mom. I still… Read More

New week

(From yesterday’s lazy afternoon in the sun) I love when a new week starts, so motivating to be your best you and work hard to get closer to reaching your goals. Make this Monday wonderful, and fill yourself… Read More