Saturday = Leg Day


Happy Saturday!
I woke up to the most beautiful flowers and 3 bags full of fruits & veggies this morning 😀 My boyfriend clearly knows what makes me happy hihi Had a great breakfast and then went to the gym for another leg day. I had a weird feeling in my right knee, so I made some changes in my program, didn’t do Bulgarian split squats as I had planned, and also did a higher rep & lower weight session on the seated leg press. This was my workout in total:

  • Seated hamstring curl: 4 x 12
  • Seated leg press: 5 x 20
  • Hip thrusts with 20 weight plate: 4 x 12-16
  • Mini circuit of altering:
    • Side steps with elastic band: 4 x 16 (1 rep = 2 steps right, 2 steps left)
    • Sumo squats with kettle bell of 16: 4 x 32 (16 normal, 16 short ones at the bottom)

Could barely walk home and now looking forward to passing out in the sun with a book 🙂 But first, lunch time!

Glad lördag!
Jag vaknade upp till de vackraste blommorna samt 3 fulla kassar med frukt och grönt i morse 🙂 Min pojkvän vet verkligen hur man gör mig lycklig hihi Åt en jättegod frukost och sen gick jag till gymmet för ännu ett benpass. Jag kände av någon i mitt högra knä, så jag fick ändra lite i mitt program, skippade bulgarian split sqauts och gjorde high rep & låg vikt på sittande benpress. Ovan kan ni se min workout!

Kunde knappt gå hem och nu ser jag fram emot att svimma i solen med en bok 🙂 Men först, lunchdags!

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