Month: September 2015

Workout Schedule

  I love making a schedule for my workouts, it makes it easier to focus and you know what you’re supposed to do and when. It’s also good way to make sure you get a good mix of… Read More

Rest Day

  Rest day today, and perfect timing because it’s pouring down outside. Definitely not in the mood to leave the house. I’ve had a huge breakfast today, and have been working by my laptop since then. A lot… Read More

Typical Leg Workout

Yesterday I did a leg day as you know, and this was my program. Unfortunately it was too crowded to take any pictures, but hopefully next time! Seated leg press: 5 x 16 (light weights, increasing on 3rd… Read More

Early Morning Yoga

  Good Morning! Today I woke up at 6 to go to a yoga class at 7:15, and it felt so good! I thought I wouldn’t be able to to get out of bed, but it was actually… Read More

It’s Monday and Leg Day!

Nothing makes me more excited haha I’ve been feeling so tired these past 2 days, like really drained of energy and sleepy. I think it might be the change of weather, it’s slowly getting a bit colder here… Read More

Back workout + 15 min abs class

My back workout today: Seated pull-down: 4 x 10-12, + superset 4 x 12 Seated row: 4 x 12, + superset 4 x 16 Back extensions: 4 x 12 One-arm dumbbell row: 4 x 12 After the gym… Read More

Sunday <3

  Good morning Sunday! I went to bed so early yesterday and slept until 8 this morning, but I let myself be lazy and just enjoy the morning, what Sunday’s are for! Today I’m gonna work my back… Read More

Happy Saturday!

  Last night I made shrimp tacos for dinner and it was sooo delicious! I also made a few salsas; guacamole (of course), tomato salsa, and a mango/lime/coriander salsa, and also a quick version of pickled red onion…. Read More

Food Lover

Made such a yummy and simple lunch today, really trying to hang on to summer by eating for me typical summery food 🙂 Tonight we’re having Mexican food for dinner, so I thought I’d have a light lunch!… Read More

Leg Day Friday

Good morning! I’ve been up since 8 but only sitting down to eat now, so hungry! For once I’m actually not feeling so excited about my leg day, but I think it’s because I haven’t done it for… Read More

Yoga won!

Haha, it was a great 90 minute session, and the instructor was a new girl and she did it very different from the others which I personally like! Always fun with new concepts, and the time passed so… Read More

Yoga or Leg day?

  Good Morning! I’m waiting for it to be 9 o clock so I can call my gym to see who’s the yoga instructor this morning. There is one girl I really don’t like, so I decided to… Read More

Edamame pasta

My lunch today! /Dagens lunch! 50 grams organic edamame pasta, boil for 4 minutes /50 gram ekologisk edamame pasta, koka i 4 minuter 2 teaspoons pesto /2 teskedar pesto 6 mushrooms, cut into 4 pieces and sautéed in… Read More

I’m back!

I’ve had an amazing time back home in Sweden, and now I’m back in Barcelona and ready to get back to my routine! So happy to be reunited with my boyfriend as well, we had a cozy night… Read More

Heading to the Airport

  Just a quick hello before I leave for the airport. My boyfriend is coming with us there to make sure we get away safely. The little pup is still not so used to traveling and I feel… Read More