Month: November 2015

My thoughts about eating healthy and dieting

  Happy Monday! So ready to go back to eating healthy and working out haha. We had such an amazing time in Milan with my family, I really loved the city, and we had so much fun! The hotel… Read More

Today’s workout: legs legs legs

  Hi! Was too crowded to take pictures during my workout, againnnnn 🙁 But here is the workout we did: Bulgarian split squats Bridges with weight plate Kick back machine Front squats with dumbbells Superset sumo squats Back raises;… Read More

Leg day Monday, my favorite kind of Monday!

  Happy leg day Monday! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a great weekend, makes such a difference for how you feel about starting the new week 🙂 I’m super excited for doing leg day today! I will be going… Read More

Love gym on Sundays

Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far, and there is still a whole day left 🙂 My puppy had surgery this week, so I’ve not been spending so much time with my laptop. Wanted to take care… Read More

Yoga and quest bars

Had a great start of the day with my early morning yoga class today. Definitely gets harder and harder getting up when the alarm goes off, since every week it gets a little colder and darker. But my… Read More

Leg Day

  This was my today’s workout! Love working legs, and love going together with my gym buddy 🙂 Makes working out even more fun! Bridges on the floor with dumbbell Front squats with dumbbell Sumo squats with dumbbell… Read More

Shoulders & Arms

I have to start by saying I’m in shock over what happened in Paris. It is so terrible, and I really feel that we are not safe anywhere in the world. I have friends who live in Paris,… Read More

Friday Leg Day

Can’t think of a better way to start the weekend than with a great leg day! I’ve had a big breakfast and am now gonna work for a couple of hours to get it out of the way…. Read More

Yesterday’s back session

I finished off my workout with 20 minutes on the rowing machine, and WOW that was hard! haha I never do cardio so it totally killed me. I stuck to it though, and with the right music in… Read More

  Looooots of writing to do today, my reward will be a back workout at the gym later today! I woke up feeling so stressed because I didn’t manage to do all the work I wanted to complete… Read More

Missed yoga = Leg day!

My alarm didn’t go off today, so I missed my beloved morning yoga class! 🙁 I’m using an app that also measures your sleep patterns for my alarm, but the past 2 days it hasn’t worked. I though… Read More

Happy Monday!

  I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂 My Sunday was definitely a Fun day! Started at the gym working shoulders and arms, and I had a really good session. Finished off with a 15 minute abs… Read More

Leg day!

Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up at 7:30 and have really taken my time to enjoy my morning 🙂 Now I’m getting ready to hit the gym, and it’s time for my beloved leg day! My knee is… Read More

Friday back to the gym!

  Good morning! I’ve finished my breakfast and will now spend 2 hours doing some work before I hit the gym! I haven’t been for a while, only been doing yoga and looooots of long walks, and even though… Read More


I missed yoga today because I went to the Balmain release in H&M.. Haha I guess I will never be a fashion blogger because that whole “event” was quiet an experience! People went absolutely INSANE and were almost… Read More