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Month: January 2016

Yoga every day for one week

  It’s been 7 days of doing yoga every day with the YouTube Yoga Camp I was telling you about, and I must say I love it! Since my mom got here we’ve been so busy doing things that… Read More

Healthy recipes 1: Sticky Honey Soy Turkey

Picture from the website where we found the recipe, couldn’t find one of my own 🙁 I’ve been asked to post some healthy recipes, and I thought I’d start posting some typical dinners me and my boyfriend make during… Read More

New routine

  I’ve had a fun but busy week so far with my mom being here. Lots of things to do all the time, and not so much time in front of my laptop… I also haven’t had time… Read More

Sunday and Morning Yoga

Happy Sunday everyone! I woke up and did a 50 minute yoga session, felt so good to start the day with morning yoga! It really puts your mind and body in a positive vibe, and then you bring that… Read More

My New Workout Routine

From last summer, I miss my tan! 🙁  I was writing yesterday about changing your routines and habits, and how it can help you stay motivated and excited. I’ve decided to make some changes myself! I’m still sick,… Read More

Tips on how to stay motivated

I’ve been sick all week with a flu that just doesn’t want to go away 🙁 I feel really under the weather, and have no energy to do anything. I can’t wait to get back to the gym… Read More

Healthy snack tips

I though I’d help give some ideas for healthy snack options. I always advice people to snack twice a day, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for what to eat, or you’re just… Read More

Monday and woke up with a cold :(

  Happy Monday! I woke up with a massive cold today 🙁 My throat feels swollen, and I’m cold all the time, what a miserable feeling it is to be ill. I’m taking medicine, and will spend another… Read More

Rest day and listen to your body

  Happy Sunday! I had a rest day yesterday and spent the day with one of my best friends. I bought some really nice duvet covers in Zara Home on sale, and we had a delicious lunch in… Read More

Favorite Butt Exercises

My butt is soooo sore today, I had a great leg workout yesterday with focus on the glutes. Definitely a great butt workout, and my favorite muscle group to work! I love that it’s a big and strong muscle group,… Read More

Shoulder Exercises

Yesterday I did a really tough shoulder workout, could barely move my arms for the rest of the day haha. I think it’s so pretty to have strong, defined shoulders, so I’m always motivated for some good good… Read More

On my Grocery List

  Just finished lunch after doing a big leg session at the gym. Really worked the booty, and I know I will be sore tomorrow. Really the best feeling! Here is my workout: Seated leg press (4 x 12,… Read More

Getting ready for the gym – arm workout!

Happy Friday! I’m going to the gym for an arm workout now, time to smash biceps and triceps! I’m also going to add a little bit of abs workout to get my belly working to. I normally try to add some… Read More

Eating Healthy – My Best Advice

Normally at this time of the year people are motivated and excited to start eating more healthy. It’s almost (but not really) like we’re tired of chocolate after Christmas. But just almost.. 😛 It’s hard to make a radical… Read More

Tips on how to loose weight

  Happy New Year! I’m getting many requests on tips on how to loose weight in a healthy way, and this is usually a very common goal in January when we all have enjoyed ourselves over the holidays…. Read More