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Month: February 2016

Listen to your body

  Happy Wednesday! I went to bed excited about leg day today, but woke up feeling a little bit under the weather.. Not ill, but almost as if I had a cold coming. I decided to skip the… Read More

Shoulder Workout

  Today was shoulder day which normally is one of my favorite workouts, but I was not feeling inspired at all before I went to the gym. As soon as I got there I got “in the zone”… Read More

Legs and Back

  I’ve had a busy weekend celebrating my birthday, so the blog has been suffering a bit. But I’m back on track now, with both gym, diet and blogging! ­čÖé I thought I’d share 2 of my workouts… Read More

Back Workout & Intervals

  Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated so much all day ­čÖé Really was an amazing day, and my sister was also here to celebrate me so I felt truly spoilt. I started the day with a… Read More

Great butt workout

  I have to tell you about the amazing butt workout I did the other day, my butt is so sore it’s killing me! It feels like it’s all bruised or something. But I love it because it… Read More

Build and burn

Hola! Yesterday I had a semi-rest day, I only went to a class of yoga in the afternoon, and of course did my morning yoga too with my favorite YouTube yoga class ­čÖé Today I’m already getting back… Read More

Grow that booty

Hola! Today meant leg day, and I’ve done a great session at the gym targeting the glutes, really aiming to grow that booty haha. It was pretty crowded at the gym at first, but we got a really… Read More

Never skip your Monday workout

Happy Monday! I hope you’re starting the week excited and motivated about your workout and eating routine! I’ve recently added cardio to my routine and I made sure to get it in today to make sure to start… Read More

Healthy Recipes 2: Banana Pancakes

I wanted to continue sharing┬ámy┬áhealthy recipes to help inspire you guys to make good choices in your eating habits, so here you have┬ámy standard dish; Banana Pancakes. Yay! I was so suspicious to this dish when I first… Read More

Hiking up a mountain

Hiking doggy taking a little break Happy Saturday! Yesterday turned into a massive cardio day haha Who am I? Took about 1,5h hiking┬áup the mountain of Tibidabo, and alllll uphill of course. My legs were killing me and… Read More

Friday Back Workout

Just got back from the gym after a back workout plus 15 minutes intervals on the treadmill. I am DEAD haha soooo tired and exhausted in my muscles. Love this feeling though, and by ending the workout with… Read More

Adding cardio to the routine

  I’m now feeling like I want to start adding cardio back into my workouts, after not having had it in my routine┬áfor years.. I have gotten so used to weight training that I forgot that cardio actually… Read More

Booty Workout

Yesterday I had an intense booty workout with my gym partner in crime. We haven’t worked out together since before Christmas so it was so much fun! As I’ve said before, working out together with someone makes it… Read More

Monday Motivation: Making it to the gym

  First day of the week means Monday Motivation! It might feel tough to start the week sometimes, you might have had a weekend with too many cheat meals, or lost your motivation for the gym. The goals… Read More