Month: March 2016

Back on Track

After an Easter with too much cheating it felt pretty amazing to get back on track with my workout and eating routine today. My sister left yesterday, and we’ve had the best week! Lots of working out and… Read More

Fun Week of workouts with my sister

  This week my sister is here and we are so excited to work out together! She normally gives me new ideas of exercises to do, and how to use the machines in new ways to target different… Read More

Amazing sports wear

  Happy Friday!  Right after breakfast we decided to go down to the beach with the little fluff ball and enjoy the sunny weather. Had a long walk along the beach, and then went back home for lunch…. Read More

Healthy Recipe 3: Beef meatballs with sweet potato mash

Here is another healthy recipe I like to cook, and that is usually very appreciated 🙂 You can really spice the meatballs with almost anything (just keep it clean & healthy!) and I didn’t really use any specific proportions here,… Read More

Glutes & Hamstring exercises

  This was today’s workout with focus on glutes & hamstring exercises. It was so tough, especially doing those supersets as well. After I finished I did 20 minutes intervals on the treadmill, and then I felt like I could… Read More

Bicep and Tricep Exercises

  Happy Monday! I spent my morning getting a lot of administrative things done, and then at lunch time I went down to the beach with the doggy to get some walking in. I decided today would have to be a… Read More

Banana & Coconut healthy cookies

Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday I tried a new recipe of healthy  banana & coconut cookies! You only need 2 ingredients, and then you can add whatever you want for flavor or crunch 🙂 They’re so quick and easy… Read More

Ready for another leg day!

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another leg day! Only my favorite day 🙂 I’m finally not as sore in my hamstrings and glutes as I’ve been the past days, so it’s time to hit it again! I… Read More

Exercises for Shoulders

  Hola! Yesterday I had a really good shoulder workout in the gym, I was lucky enough to manage to find a time when it wasn’t so crowded too, but when I was going to start taking some… Read More

Target those glutes

  Today I did a leg workout with some exercises targeting the glutes. It might be difficult to find exercises that are good for working the glutes, and building a good booty, without at the same time also… Read More

Workout Schedule

  Since I’m finally starting to feel better I thought I’d motivate myself, and you guys hopefully :-), by preparing a workout schedule for next week when I’ll be able to give 100% at the gym again. I feel… Read More

Gym Motivation

(Picture from summer, wish I felt like this today!)  I got a terrible flu since last week that is still sticking with me 🙁 So frustrating! I guess it’s typical for February, but it’s so annoying! I feel… Read More