Month: April 2016

Operation Booty

  We all have different goals and purposes with our workouts, and one of mine is definitely operation booty! Haha I wanna make my butt bigger, and try to emphasize glutes and hamstrings on my leg day workouts…. Read More

Healthy Snacks for Travelling

  Happy Monday! I’ve recently travelled, and I thought I’d give you some ideas of healthy snacks to bring with you. This also works as a snack to bring with you to work, to uni, or anywhere you go…. Read More

What carbs do I eat?

  I’ve had such a busy day getting ready for traveling with my little doggie. Always lots of things to prepare, and I also managed to get a killer leg workout in! It really drained me from all… Read More

Booty & Shoulder Workout

  Happy Monday guys! I woke up with so much energy today, probably because I had such a relaxed weekend. Lots of time relaxing, reading, playing with my little doggie, and watching a new TV show I started… Read More

Saturday breakfast: home made acai bowl

  I felt inspired and creative this sunny Saturday morning, so I decided to make something special for breakfast. I’m a lover of routines, and normally eat pretty much the same breakfast every day (and happily so! I… Read More

Killer leg day

  Happy Friday! I did a real killer leg day today, and what a great way to spend a Friday morning! I was waiting for one of the (three..) smith machines to be free, while doing other machines… Read More


  So, I thought I’d tell you guys a bit more about my cardio training! For the past one or two years I’ve  basically done zero cardio training and only focused on weights and building muscle. I felt… Read More

Exercises for Shoulders

  Yesterday I had such a great workout with some of my favorite exercises for shoulders! I got a good contact with the muscles throughout the session, and I really felt the pump! Super sore today, but that’s… Read More

Killer Glute Workout

  Yesterday I did a great leg day, more specifically a glute workout 🙂 The fact that I had my gym buddy with me made it even better, annnd it also meant I had someone to take pictures of… Read More

Low on motivation today

  (Picture from last summer, can’t wait for nice and warm weather!) No motivation to leave the house today, it’s pouring down outside and I’d just much rather stay inside. I’ve started following so many new fitness accounts… Read More

Big Breakfast

  Good morning and happy Sunday!  I’ve started my day with a big breakfast; I’m doing a leg day today so I need to fuel up with lots of energy 🙂 Well to be honest I have a… Read More

Healthy Chocolate Balls

Good Morning! As I promised last night on my Instagram, I wanted to share this delicious and healthy (healthIER anyway 😉 ) recipe for chocolate balls, or as I’d say in Swedish; nyttiga chokladbollar, or nyttiga kokosbollar 🙂 They… Read More