Big Breakfast


Good morning and happy Sunday! 
I’ve started my day with a big breakfast; I’m doing a leg day today so I need to fuel up with lots of energy 🙂 Well to be honest I have a big breakfast every day no matter the workout haha but it’s extra important on leg day! Especially good to have in mind for those of you who know you’re not great at eating in the morning. Load up with lots of good food to have the energy for the day and for your workout. After the gym I’m going for lunch with some friends, so excited to eat eat eat!

Sunday’s are fun when you don’t always spend them hungover. I used to party a lot when I was younger, and Sunday was the day of feeling like shit haha Paired with knowing the next day was Monday, reminding you of all the school stuff you had to do. I also think we’re “taught” to hate Sunday’s, but it could, and should!; really be a day of just recharging your batteries, going to the gym, eating well, and spending time with people you love. You can go through the week that’s passed and think about what you’d like to do different next week, or what you want to improve. Did you not make it to the gym as many times as you wanted? Then plan for the coming week to make sure you go. Did you feel like you wasted your time and not get any closer to your professional goals? Then think about what you could do and schedule it for next week. Always evaluate yourself, but in a constructive way! Think about what you want in life, how you want to feel about yourself and where you want to be. Are you doing anything to achieve that? What could you do differently?

Sorry for the rant, I really only meant to share my Sunday plans with you guys haha
Have a great day!! 

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