Booty & Shoulder Workout


Happy Monday guys!

I woke up with so much energy today, probably because I had such a relaxed weekend. Lots of time relaxing, reading, playing with my little doggie, and watching a new TV show I started following. I had to start something new since my boyfriend is traveling and I don’t wanna cheat and watch “our” shows 🙂 Saturday I had a rest day, and wow it made me feel so low on energy for some reason. I felt super down all afternoon, and just wanted to go to bed so I could wake up to a new day (and on the right side haha) Thank god no one had to put up with my grumpy mood! Sunday I did one of my favorite things, LEG DAY! I really smashed my glutes and hamstrings, and it was actually my third leg day of the week, crazy! But I did different exercises and different sets and reps. It’s important to change things up so your body doesn’t get too used to the workout.

Today I did my second favorite workout; shoulders! On this I stayed on the same program I’ve done the past 2 weeks or so, but I changed up the sets and reps a little bit. My shoulders are sooo tired now, I will definitely not wash my hair tonight lol

Booty & Shoulder Workout:


  • Bulgarian split squats in the smith machine: 4 x 10 each leg
  • Kneeling squats in the smith machine: 4 x 12-16
  • Leg press in the smith machine: 4 x 12-16
  • Narrow stance squats in the smith machine: 3 x 10
  • Abductor machine: 4 x 12
    • Super set: Squats in abductor machine: 4 x 12

I occupied the smith machine for so long haha I’m sure people wanted to kill me! Payback from my last leg day when I couldn’t get to one EVER! Well after this I wanted to pass out, but I managed to do 10 minutes intervals on the treadmill. Phew! I tried to avoid moving for the rest of the day haha



  • Shoulder press: 4 sets;  6-12-6-12 reps, with heavier weights on the sets of 6 reps
  • Altering front dumbbell raises: 4 sets; 6-12-6-12 reps, with heavier weights on the sets of 6 reps
  • Standing pull-up with 12 kg kettle bell: 4 x 12
  • Rear lateral files with 2,5 kg plates: 4 x 16 (I use a light weight to target the right muscle)
  • Bent arm lateral rises: 4 sets; 6-12-6-12 reps, with heavier weights on the sets of 6 reps
  • Standing flies: 4 x 12
  • Shoulder circuit: Leaning the body against an inclined bench, doing flies straight up, V-shape, and T-shape: 4 x 8 (one of each; “straight -V – T” equals one rep)

I finished this with a 20 minute interval session on the treadmill and now I’m more than ready for lunch! I hope you have a great Monday workout! 🙂

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