Enjoying the sea


How is it already Thursday?? I’ve had such a great start of the week. I went to my family’s summer house on the west coast of Sweden, and it’s been so nice to just relax and enjoy the nature and countryside. I love being next to the sea, it’s something so peaceful and relaxing with the smell of the sea, and the nature around it. My little doggy loved running around there to and smell all the scents of bunnies, foxes, cows, and horses. I wasn’t able to gym there but we took lots of loooong walks and it was really well needed. It’s amazing how good it is for you to get out in the nature and just walk and experience everything around you, at this time everything is so green and blossoming too so it was really beautiful.  Thanks to my Fitbit I was constantly reminded to get up and go for walks, I did spend a fair share of the time reading and tanning too.. 🙂  It’s really helpful to make sure you’re active also during lazy days!


Yesterday when we got back I did a Tabata class to get a quick workout in, felt so good to sweat and do a high intensity class where you don’t need to think about what exercises to do. Today I’m really sore in my thighs and shoulders, so my sister and I will do a back workout at the gym. If my knees feel good afterwards we’ll finish with some intervals, but I’ll listen to my body and see how I feel. It’s very important to remember that your body can give you lots of warning signs that something is not right, or that you’re about to injure yourself, so make sure to be receptive of those signals.

I’ll get back to you with a post on what back exercises we did and hopefully some pictures too 🙂 We’ll see how crowded the gym is, but it should be ok since we’re going early.

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