Favorite shoulder exercises


Hi guys!
Yesterday at the gym I worked shoulders and abs, and finished off with 15 min intervals on the  treadmill. Super sore today, and I’m also still sore from my leg workout the other day! Speaking of that, I got to the gym and they had changed around all the machines to new places as well as changed everything for a new high tech model! I mean it’s great that it’s all brand new, but it took me forever to find everything haha Also, they have gotten rid of some machines and gotten a couple of new ones. Unfortunately there is no longer a glute kickback machine which I loved 🙁 But I guess I’ll have to use the cables instead.
Anyway, yesterday was shoulder day, and I thought I’ll share my favorite shoulder exercises with you guys! I might have shared these before, but it’s so good it can be repeated 🙂

Favorite shoulder exercises:
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Rear lateral flies with weight plates
  • Standing pull up with dumbbell
  • Altering front dumbbell raises
  • Straight arm standing dumbbell flys
  • Bent arm lateral dumbbell raises

I finished off with a circuit that I described before . It really kills you and takes the laaast bit of strength you’ve got in your muscle. They changed the benches as well though, so it was impossible to do them leaning on a bench haha I was too short 🙁 But I did them standing up instead, and that worked just as well!

image1Dumbbell flys 
IMG_0264Bent arm lateral dumbbell raises 

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