Biceps and Triceps plus Abs and Cardio


Happy Sunday!

I started my day with a yummy breakfast and am now getting ready to hit the gym! Yesterday was a rest day for me, I spent the day organizing my house and tanning, but today I’m excited to get a workout in! I’m going to do biceps and triceps, and finish with abs and cardio. Not my favorite workout, but I’m excited to go to the gym and sweat anyway. I might sneak a few booty exercises in there as well if I have time and extra strength. FullSizeRender

When I do biceps and triceps I like to do one exercise for each muscle group back to back, like a superset.
This is my workout plan for today:

Biceps & Triceps
    • Bicep hammer curls
    •  Tricep overhead dumbbell extension
    • Turning bicep curls
    • Bent over tricep extensions
    •  Elevated bicep curls
    • Lying tricep dumbbell hammer extensions
    • Straight bicep curls
    • Tricep dips on bench

I’m gonna do heavier weights than normal but with fewer reps, it’s always good to change things up a little bit, especially when you’re not too motivated about the workout..
Haha and I might not have the energy to also add a couple of booty exercises, this already looks pretty intense! Might be a better idea to save the glutes for tomorris, perfect to do a leg day on a Monday anyway 🙂

What are you doing at the gym today or is Sunday your rest day?
Hope you have a great day! 

2 Comments on “Biceps and Triceps plus Abs and Cardio

  1. Digging your blog. Very cool. I love doing bicep and tricep training on the same day as well. Ever try battle ropes as a finisher for biceps? Alternating short stroke sprint for 30 seconds. Awesome! Then immediately I do 15 up and down push-up planks for abs and triceps. Keep up the good work! Have an awesome day! Cyu on Instagram

    • Thank you so much! Yeah I think it works great to do them together, and I’ll definitely look into trying battle ropes as well, sounds like a killer!
      And the push-up planks also sound great to add in, I’ll try to mix up my next arm day and I’ll keep you posted.
      Thank you too, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂

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