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How to find time to work out


I get a lot of questions regarding how to find time to work out. A lot of people find it very hard to get time over for the gym after work, university, studying, groceries, house work, and spending time with family and friends. And on top of all the things you have to/want to do in a day, you also need to have time for coming up with healthy meals, cooking, eating, and getting the right amount of sleep. HOW is this even possible to manage? I thought I’d share some tips on how to find time to work out. It doesn’t have to be so complicated, and it doesn’t have to mean you never see your friends, or never sleep haha.

Tips on How to find time to work out:
  • MAKE time. You might have to sacrifice watching TV, getting stuck in front of Facebook or Instagram for hours. I’ve had to cut down on my time spent on tv shows, Instagram etc. to free up┬ámore time.
  • Every minute counts! It might be hard to get in 1-2h a day at the gym, but even if you’re only there for 30-45 minutes it still counts! Save the longer workouts for the weekend or your days off.
  • Wake up earlier. A lot of people get their workouts done before going to work/uni. This way you still have the afternoon/evening free for everything else, although you might need to go to bed a bit earlier.
  • Work out with your friends. You’ll get your workout done, and you’ll spend time with your friends as well – win win! It’s more fun to work out together anyway, and it makes it more motivating as well. To birds with one stone!
  • Plan your days. If you know you have a lot to do in the afternoon, then make sure to get the workout done in the morning. Weekends will be the days where you can do a massive leg day for example, or really take your time with those intervals.
  • Move working out up on your list of priorities. If you want to be committed to the gym, you’re gonna have to prioritize it.
  • Be creative! Go out and run for 20 minutes, do a HIIT circuit at home, start walking or riding a bike to work/uni, do a little abs workout before bed. There are many ways to get your workouts in without spending lots of time!

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