Working out when you’re sick


Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve spent the weekend super sick. Somehow I managed to get a flu, with fever and everything 🙁 Not how I planned my weekend to go. I’ve been in bed or on the couch the whole time, and today I even had to stay home from work. I’m really not feeling good at all, and I have no energy for anything. Just doing laundry made me feel dizzy and completely exhausted. I’m really feeling sorry for myself as you can see!

I’m missing the gym so much, it sounds silly but I realllly wish I could go work out! Since I started my new job I haven’t been able to get any amazingly long workouts in during the week days so the weekends became my favorite gym days. So having a weekend with basically no activity what so ever (my fitbit is probably laughing at me) feels no bueno. I’m still adjusting to having a new job, and I’ve had a lot of people visiting here since I started, so I was really excited now to really find a new routine for when I go to the gym. Ugh. Anyway, I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow and that I can get back to the gym soooon!

When it comes to working out when you’re sick I really make sure to listen to my body to not make things worse. A lot of people will still go to the gym even if their bodies are craving rest. Of course it depends on how you’re sick; for example if your throat is hurting or you have a fever, you shouldn’t work out at all. So since I’ve had both those symptoms, and been super dizzy and with a heavy head, I haven’t been able to go. But as soon as that goes away, and I’m just congested, I’ll be back at the gym but starting light. You know when you’ve had a flu or a bad cold, and you feel like you’re back to normal but you still sound sick and sniffly? At that point I consider my body ready to go back and work out. It really makes no sense to force a sick body to exercise because you’ll get no results from the workout, and worst case you’ll even make more damage to your body, meaning you’ll end up having to stay away from the gym even longer!


And what do I do with the cravings that come when you’re sick and feeling sorry for yourself?
I really try to eat healthy also when I’m sick, because in a way that’s when you need nutritious food the most! I’ve had big healthy breakfasts, light lunches, healthy snacks, and dinners. Basically I’ve been eating the same as I normally do, but lotssssss of fruits for snacks. There’s been a little bit of Häagen Dazs going on (oops!), but overall I’ve been good! 🙂


I hope you’re having a better start to the week than I am!
Hit me with your workout for today so I have something to look forward to doing when I’m better! 

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