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Back to the gym

Getting back to the routine… I’ve definitely been MIA on social media lately, and unfortunately also from the gym! For the past month I’ve had weeks with 0-2 workouts because of traveling, family visiting, and catching 2 colds. 🙁 And… Read More

12 tips to find time to work out

  With a full time job it’s so hard to find the time to update my blog and instagram as much as I would like, but at the end of the day you always have time for what… Read More

Leg workout and cardio

  Hi guys!  I thought I’d share a leg workout and cardio session with you. I did it last week, but for once I’ve got some pictures from the gym 😀 It’s so hard to take pictures there now,… Read More

Stay healthy when traveling

  I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s worth mentioning again since summer is here and some of us will be traveling. How do you avoid losing track of your eating and workout routine when you’re traveling?… Read More

My awesome leg and shoulder workout

  I finally went back to the gym yesterday, and of course I did a leg day! Felt soooo good to be back, and I had a great session! Today I did a shoulder workout and finished off… Read More

Great leg day

  Happy Sunday! Yesterday I did such a great leg day, I can really feel my glutes and hamstrings suffering today, haha but what a lovely feeling! I’ve signed up in a second gym that is even closer to my… Read More

How to find time to work out

  I get a lot of questions regarding how to find time to work out. A lot of people find it very hard to get time over for the gym after work, university, studying, groceries, house work, and… Read More

Biceps and Triceps plus Abs and Cardio

  Happy Sunday! I started my day with a yummy breakfast and am now getting ready to hit the gym! Yesterday was a rest day for me, I spent the day organizing my house and tanning, but today… Read More

Favorite shoulder exercises

  Hi guys! Yesterday at the gym I worked shoulders and abs, and finished off with 15 min intervals on the  treadmill. Super sore today, and I’m also still sore from my leg workout the other day! Speaking… Read More

Back in My Routine

  Hi guys, I’m back home in Barcelona now after a few weeks spent in Sweden. I did have time for a weekend back here a little while back, had a meeting that went very well 🙂 Feels… Read More

How to loose fat

  One of the most common questions I get is how to loose fat, and I guess it is one of the most common struggles when it comes to health and fitness. Personally I’ve always been skinny and… Read More

Never skip gym on a Monday

  Happy Monday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend, mine was filled with gym, long walks, shopping, good food, and fun times with friends and family 🙂 I always say to never skip gym on a Monday,… Read More

Operation Booty

  We all have different goals and purposes with our workouts, and one of mine is definitely operation booty! Haha I wanna make my butt bigger, and try to emphasize glutes and hamstrings on my leg day workouts…. Read More

Booty & Shoulder Workout

  Happy Monday guys! I woke up with so much energy today, probably because I had such a relaxed weekend. Lots of time relaxing, reading, playing with my little doggie, and watching a new TV show I started… Read More

Killer leg day

  Happy Friday! I did a real killer leg day today, and what a great way to spend a Friday morning! I was waiting for one of the (three..) smith machines to be free, while doing other machines… Read More