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Back to the gym

Getting back to the routine… I’ve definitely been MIA on social media lately, and unfortunately also from the gym! For the past month I’ve had weeks with 0-2 workouts because of traveling, family visiting, and catching 2 colds. 🙁 And… Read More

Stay healthy when traveling

  I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s worth mentioning again since summer is here and some of us will be traveling. How do you avoid losing track of your eating and workout routine when you’re traveling?… Read More

Working out when you’re sick

  Happy Monday everyone! I’ve spent the weekend super sick. Somehow I managed to get a flu, with fever and everything 🙁 Not how I planned my weekend to go. I’ve been in bed or on the couch… Read More

Enjoying the sea

How is it already Thursday?? I’ve had such a great start of the week. I went to my family’s summer house on the west coast of Sweden, and it’s been so nice to just relax and enjoy the… Read More

Healthy Snacks for Travelling

  Happy Monday! I’ve recently travelled, and I thought I’d give you some ideas of healthy snacks to bring with you. This also works as a snack to bring with you to work, to uni, or anywhere you go…. Read More

Big Breakfast

  Good morning and happy Sunday!  I’ve started my day with a big breakfast; I’m doing a leg day today so I need to fuel up with lots of energy 🙂 Well to be honest I have a… Read More

Listen to your body

  Happy Wednesday! I went to bed excited about leg day today, but woke up feeling a little bit under the weather.. Not ill, but almost as if I had a cold coming. I decided to skip the… Read More

Back Workout & Intervals

  Yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated so much all day 🙂 Really was an amazing day, and my sister was also here to celebrate me so I felt truly spoilt. I started the day with a… Read More

Never skip your Monday workout

Happy Monday! I hope you’re starting the week excited and motivated about your workout and eating routine! I’ve recently added cardio to my routine and I made sure to get it in today to make sure to start… Read More

Hiking up a mountain

Hiking doggy taking a little break Happy Saturday! Yesterday turned into a massive cardio day haha Who am I? Took about 1,5h hiking up the mountain of Tibidabo, and alllll uphill of course. My legs were killing me and… Read More

Yoga every day for one week

  It’s been 7 days of doing yoga every day with the YouTube Yoga Camp I was telling you about, and I must say I love it! Since my mom got here we’ve been so busy doing things that… Read More

New routine

  I’ve had a fun but busy week so far with my mom being here. Lots of things to do all the time, and not so much time in front of my laptop… I also haven’t had time… Read More

Sunday and Morning Yoga

Happy Sunday everyone! I woke up and did a 50 minute yoga session, felt so good to start the day with morning yoga! It really puts your mind and body in a positive vibe, and then you bring that… Read More

My New Workout Routine

From last summer, I miss my tan! 🙁  I was writing yesterday about changing your routines and habits, and how it can help you stay motivated and excited. I’ve decided to make some changes myself! I’m still sick,… Read More

Monday and woke up with a cold :(

  Happy Monday! I woke up with a massive cold today 🙁 My throat feels swollen, and I’m cold all the time, what a miserable feeling it is to be ill. I’m taking medicine, and will spend another… Read More