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Happy Saturday!

  Last night I made shrimp tacos for dinner and it was sooo delicious! I also made a few salsas; guacamole (of course), tomato salsa, and a mango/lime/coriander salsa, and also a quick version of pickled red onion…. Read More

Biceps & Triceps Gym Exercises

Today’s workout: Seated, inclined bicep curls: 4 x 12 Superset: 4 x 20 Seated hammer curls: 4 x 12 Triceps extension overhead with weight plate: 4 x 10 Superset: 4 x 16 Bicep cable curls: 4 x 8… Read More

My Morning BCAA

I always start the day with my BCAA’s 🙂 I’ve had a big breakfast and organized some things around the house, and now getting ready to go to the gym, time to work triceps and biceps. Sometimes I… Read More

Efficient Workout

I had such a good workout today; high intensity but super tough! Sometimes I prefer doing a shorter session but to go hardcore non-stop. Today we worked biceps and triceps, and we were done in just a bit… Read More

Gym time – arm day!

Seems like we’re going to the gym to do arms – love it! Still super sore in hamstrings and chest, but ready to smash my arms now! The little one has to be in at least one of… Read More