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Dog sitting

  Good morning! Today we’re dog sitting a friends dog and ours is so excited! They’re playing so much, really best friends 🙂 I’ll be working my back today, but no pilates, I don’t wanna leave the dogs… Read More

Back workout + 15 min abs class

My back workout today: Seated pull-down: 4 x 10-12, + superset 4 x 12 Seated row: 4 x 12, + superset 4 x 16 Back extensions: 4 x 12 One-arm dumbbell row: 4 x 12 After the gym… Read More

Sunday <3

  Good morning Sunday! I went to bed so early yesterday and slept until 8 this morning, but I let myself be lazy and just enjoy the morning, what Sunday’s are for! Today I’m gonna work my back… Read More

Gym Time!

Good Morning! I’ve been up for a while, but only sitting down to write a post now. My butt is so sore from yesterday’s workout (yay!), and now I’m about to leave to the gym. My knee is… Read More

Back Workout Done

I had a really good workout, now just finishing lunch and then I’m gonna go lay in the sun for  a bit. I joined one of the little abs classes in my gym after I was done, and… Read More

Sunday Workout

Happy Sunday! I’ve had a lazy morning, and now getting ready to go to the gym to work my back. My boyfriend has a flu and is feverish so I made him an English breakfast to cheer him… Read More

Back Exercises

From yesterday’s back session at the gym! Pull-down machine 12 x 4 Superset using the chest press machine as a row machine Straight arm pull-down 12 x 4 Close grip row machine 10 x 4 Superset lowering the… Read More