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Yoga or Leg day?

  Good Morning! I’m waiting for it to be 9 o clock so I can call my gym to see who’s the yoga instructor this morning. There is one girl I really don’t like, so I decided to… Read More

Gym Time!

Good Morning! I’ve been up for a while, but only sitting down to write a post now. My butt is so sore from yesterday’s workout (yay!), and now I’m about to leave to the gym. My knee is… Read More

Sunday Solidarity

I’ve had a big breakfast to get ready for the gym, but got stuck by my laptop reading about the refugee situation in Europe. It’s so terrible I can’t even begin to imagine, and it makes me feel… Read More

Happy Friday!

I’m still on a little rush from my yoga class yesterday, I can’t wait to feel how my body and mind get back in the yoga routine, and feel the improvements and progress. Weight lifting can make the… Read More

Biceps & Triceps Gym Exercises

Today’s workout: Seated, inclined bicep curls: 4 x 12 Superset: 4 x 20 Seated hammer curls: 4 x 12 Triceps extension overhead with weight plate: 4 x 10 Superset: 4 x 16 Bicep cable curls: 4 x 8… Read More

My Morning BCAA

I always start the day with my BCAA’s 🙂 I’ve had a big breakfast and organized some things around the house, and now getting ready to go to the gym, time to work triceps and biceps. Sometimes I… Read More

My Supplements

  One of my followers on Instagram asked me about what supplements I normally take so I thought I’d make a post especially about that. This is something I personally would recommend you to take, and there are… Read More

Back Exercises

From yesterday’s back session at the gym! Pull-down machine 12 x 4 Superset using the chest press machine as a row machine Straight arm pull-down 12 x 4 Close grip row machine 10 x 4 Superset lowering the… Read More

Saturday Breakfast

I am a creature of habit and normally have more or less the same breakfast every day. Sounds boring, but it’s true! Today I had run out of ryveta, so I decided to get creative with my rice… Read More