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Sunday Solidarity

I’ve had a big breakfast to get ready for the gym, but got stuck by my laptop reading about the refugee situation in Europe. It’s so terrible I can’t even begin to imagine, and it makes me feel… Read More

Leg Day Coming Up!

A little late good morning post today, haven’t had time to sit down and write until now. Started my day with BCAA’s and a big breakfast –  as usual! 😛 I’m in such a mood for a leg… Read More

Happy Saturday!

Last night was date night with my boo <3 We went to an amazing burger place, no diet in sight but that’s how it supposed to be every now and then. I believe in the 80/20 philosophy, to… Read More

Happy Monday

Starting off this week with a lovely breakfast! I am a firm believer in making Mondays special; what you do on Mondays will reflect on the rest of the week, so I try to make a little extra… Read More

Good Morning

Good morning! I love weekends when you wake up without alarms or musts, to have the day pretty much unplanned and to take my time during breakfast is the best feeling. This morning I decided to make banana… Read More

Saturday Breakfast

I am a creature of habit and normally have more or less the same breakfast every day. Sounds boring, but it’s true! Today I had run out of ryveta, so I decided to get creative with my rice… Read More