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Food Lover

Made such a yummy and simple lunch today, really trying to hang on to summer by eating for me typical summery food 🙂 Tonight we’re having Mexican food for dinner, so I thought I’d have a light lunch!… Read More

Post Gym Meal

Made such a delicious lunch today after my workout, was in the mood for seafood but wanted something quick and simple because I was, as always, STARVING. Looked at a couple of different recipes and then made my… Read More

Healthy Recipe – Teriyaki Salmon with Creamed Churd

Here comes the recipe of another of this weeks inspired meals 🙂 Healthy easy and delicious! Salmon fillet / LaxfilĂ© 2 tablespoons Teriyaki sauce / 2 matskedar TeriyakisĂĄs Frozen chard / Fryst mangold 1/2 red onion / 1/2… Read More

Healthy Recipe – Chicken & Melanzane

Ingredients: Chicken breast / kycklingbröst 2 eggplants / 2 auberginer 8 champignon mushrooms / 8 champinjoner 400 g crushed canned tomatoes / 400 g krossade tomater pĂĄ burk 1 red onion / 1 rödlök 2 garlic cloves /… Read More