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This weeks workouts

  This week I’ve had a pretty low intensity on my workouts, I’ve been feeling a bit drained still – like when you feel you might have a cold coming but it never actually comes? So I’ve listened… Read More

Monday = Leg Day

  Hola! I”m sorry fort the absence here, I’ve been busy with my parents here and just spent time with them. Now I’m back, and have done a great leg workout today. I love working legs on Mondays!… Read More

It’s Monday and Leg Day!

Nothing makes me more excited haha I’ve been feeling so tired these past 2 days, like really drained of energy and sleepy. I think it might be the change of weather, it’s slowly getting a bit colder here… Read More

Leg Day Friday

Good morning! I’ve been up since 8 but only sitting down to eat now, so hungry! For once I’m actually not feeling so excited about my leg day, but I think it’s because I haven’t done it for… Read More

Yoga or Leg day?

  Good Morning! I’m waiting for it to be 9 o clock so I can call my gym to see who’s the yoga instructor this morning. There is one girl I really don’t like, so I decided to… Read More

I’m back!

I’ve had an amazing time back home in Sweden, and now I’m back in Barcelona and ready to get back to my routine! So happy to be reunited with my boyfriend as well, we had a cozy night… Read More

Heading to the Airport

  Just a quick hello before I leave for the airport. My boyfriend is coming with us there to make sure we get away safely. The little pup is still not so used to traveling and I feel… Read More

I Love Leg Day

Morning! I’ve finished my breakfast and now looking at some inspiration for my leg session at the gym 🙂 I still need to be careful with my knee, so I try not to focus on too heavy weights… Read More

Absoultely Exhausted

  After the long walk to and from the dog park, and lots of running around there, we went back home to have lunch and then I did a short but hard leg session while my boyfriend was… Read More

Dog Park Time

  Just a quick hello before we go to the dog park! 🙂 I’m going to go to the gym a little later today because my boyfriend has a massage in my gym and I need to go… Read More

Great Leg Workout

  My legs are DEAD, I had a really good gym session and I loved the plyometrics to finish off. I did a 15 min abs class before I left as well – really good burn in the… Read More

Leg day with Plyometrics

Getting ready for the gym now, had a really fun day all day yesterday with my love 🙂 Slept early and woke up to make a big breakfast for my boo to cheer him up, he’s been ill… Read More

Saturday = Leg Day

Happy Saturday! I woke up to the most beautiful flowers and 3 bags full of fruits & veggies this morning 😀 My boyfriend clearly knows what makes me happy hihi Had a great breakfast and then went to… Read More

Can Barely Walk

  Oh lord, I had such a good workout yesterday! I came home and collapsed on the couch haha I went to my usual gym, lately I’ve been going with my boyfriend to his gym, and it was… Read More

Leg Day Coming Up!

A little late good morning post today, haven’t had time to sit down and write until now. Started my day with BCAA’s and a big breakfast –  as usual! 😛 I’m in such a mood for a leg… Read More