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Gym Time!

Yesterday felt like a Sunday for me, so today when it’s Tuesday I feel like this week is already moving so fast! Had a pretty hectic day yesterday, I’m traveling to Sweden this weekend so I had some… Read More

Always work out on a Monday!

  Happy Monday! I’ve spent the weekend with my parents so the blog has been suffering, sorry! I’ve been resting from the gym, but done a lot of walking (and eating, and shopping.. haha) but this afternoon I’ll… Read More

12 Tips To Find the Motivation To Go To the Gym

Here are some tips on how to get motivated to make that first time at the gym happen: Plan to go together with a friend. If you have someone who is already going regularly, great! Then just tell… Read More

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I get a lot of questions and comments about how to find the motivation to start going to the gym, or start doing any exercise. It could be someone who used to go frequently but stopped,… Read More

Sunday Solidarity

I’ve had a big breakfast to get ready for the gym, but got stuck by my laptop reading about the refugee situation in Europe. It’s so terrible I can’t even begin to imagine, and it makes me feel… Read More

Leg day with Plyometrics

Getting ready for the gym now, had a really fun day all day yesterday with my love 🙂 Slept early and woke up to make a big breakfast for my boo to cheer him up, he’s been ill… Read More

Today Was Yoga Day

  I decided to go to a yoga class today, and it felt soooo good. I used to go twice a week for over a year, but then I stopped because the classes always collided with my university… Read More

Motivation to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Was good with a rest day yesterday, my body really needed it. It’s important to remember to listen to your body and not ignore any signals it’s sending you. In order to reach your fitness goals, there’s so… Read More

Organize Your home! / Organisera Ditt Hem

My arms are killing me from yesterday! Check my previous post for the full workout 🙂 Rainy day today, which means I’m staying inside and getting things done! My best friend is moving in to a new apartment… Read More

My Morning BCAA

I always start the day with my BCAA’s 🙂 I’ve had a big breakfast and organized some things around the house, and now getting ready to go to the gym, time to work triceps and biceps. Sometimes I… Read More

New week

(From yesterday’s lazy afternoon in the sun) I love when a new week starts, so motivating to be your best you and work hard to get closer to reaching your goals. Make this Monday wonderful, and fill yourself… Read More

Happy Saturday!

Last night was date night with my boo <3 We went to an amazing burger place, no diet in sight but that’s how it supposed to be every now and then. I believe in the 80/20 philosophy, to… Read More

Waiting for a package

Good morning! Today we’re expecting a package to arrive from My Protein, the website from where I order all my supplements. It was my boyfriend who told me about them, and I’ve been more than satisfied with their… Read More

I can’t help it!

I know I said I shouldn’t go to the gym today, but I did some research and it seems it’s not that bad, as long as I don’t get too sweaty. The only thing that could happen is… Read More