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My Supplements

  One of my followers on Instagram asked me about what supplements I normally take so I thought I’d make a post especially about that. This is something I personally would recommend you to take, and there are… Read More

Flight booked to Sweden

I’ve just booked my flight to Sweden πŸ™‚ So excited, because I’m going for my best friends baby shower! It’s gonna be so much fun, and I’m obviously part of the preparations together with her mom. I still… Read More

It’s heeeere!

I got SO excited when the door bell rang haha Our stuff is here finally, and I’m making pancakes of the protein pancake mix as we speak πŸ˜€ Pancakes for lunch, again, I can’t help it! They’re too… Read More

Waiting for a package

Good morning! Today we’re expecting a package to arrive from My Protein, the website from where I order all my supplements. It was my boyfriend who told me about them, and I’ve been more than satisfied with their… Read More